Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches internationally. It instantly proved to be a big hit, selling 1.88 million copies in Japan in its first three days.

April 1st via twelfth, 2020: Bunny Day  graphic: Nintendo

For more than per week in early April, players might find particular Bunny Day eggs they might use to craft egg-themed items. (though Nintendo had to modify the spawn charges for eggs with a patch as a result of participant complaints.) A terrifying bunny, Zipper, also seemed on the primary and closing days of the event.

soon after launch: Hong Kong activists protest in New Horizons  photo: Studio Incendo

Activists protesting the Hong Kong executive didn’t just collect in adult — they also protested in New Horizons, as chronicled by way of Wired UK. In a single demonstration, as an example, a gaggle of players hit their nets on a picture of Carrie Lam, the executive government of Hong Kong.